Flowers are beautiful on their own. Even so, a great flower arrangement could serve to enhance their natural beauty and brighten up the room. The same goes for artificial flowers. Below are some basic artificial flower arrangements that you can use to make your room look attractive.

Before you start making your artificial flower arrangements, remember the rule: artificial flowers are different from real flowers in all aspects. So even if you have experience designing flower arrangements for real flowers, it might take some getting used to before you can learn to make artificial flower arrangements. The steps below should help you get started.

Horizontal Artificial Flower Arrangements

1. Use a relatively shallow container and anchor foam to the bottom, using a lot of glue or using anchor pins. Insert the sprays of line flowers, positioning them to establish the shape of the artificial flower arrangement design.

2. Next, insert focal flowers in the middle. Let them droop over the lip of the container on both sides, reaching towards the line material and extending on either side of the middle. Make sure that there is enough room in your artificial flower arrangement for the filler flowers.

3. Now, add the filler flowers and foliage around the focal area to finish the design.

Vertical Artificial Flower Arrangements

1. Using a long-stemmed vase, wedge, or secure the foam with hot glue. Then, select the tallest flowers from the bunch and cut the stems to reach three or four times the height of the vase. Do the same with the foliage.

2. Next, place the focal flowers vertically within the diameter of the vase.

3. Then, insert the filler flowers, filling in the area as needed to complete the artificial flower arrangement.

Triangular Artificial Flower Arrangements

1. Use a bowl-type base, not too long nor too flat. Secure the floral foam to the bottom using glue or anchor pins. Using the smallest line flowers and/or leaves, determine the vertical height and the horizontal width of your artificial flower arrangement. The only rule to follow is to make the height greater than the width.

2. Place the largest focal flowers in the center of the artificial flower arrangement and slightly lower than the rest to give weight and balance.

3. Finally, fill in with the filler flowers and foliage to keep within the triangular shape.

Crescent Artificial Flower Arrangements

1. You need a tray-shaped vase. Carefully anchor the foam to the bottom using glue or anchor pins. After determining the length of the crescent, insert curved line flowers or leaves. Position them to follow the crescent form of the artificial flower arrangement and angle the shape to achieve balance in the container.

2. Insert the focal flowers. Be sure to place them in the fairly low portion of the bowl to ensure balance, stability, and depth in your arrangement.

3. Finally, fill in around the focal flowers with smaller flowers and foliage. To give your crescent artificial flower arrangement look even more graceful, place wisps of filler flowers to taper off the ends.

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