The garden season is close to the beginning. If you have made a list it’s a good start. Here are some kid-friendly garden supplies that should be on every kid gardener’s list.

Garden pruners are like scissors. They are needed to cut branches back and even harvest fruit and produce. There are different sizes from the smallest to larger branch pruners often called shears.

A sturdy strong set of garden pruners is best. You also might want to consider the grip. Have the kids check out the grip before buying to make sure it fits their hands.

A garden rake is a great clean-up tool. It can also be great for sifting out rocks in a freshly tilled garden bed.

Not all garden rakes are created alike. You have to find one you like and one that you can grip and use. There are several different types of rakes.

There is a stiff rake, the kind used mostly in the garden. This usually has a horizontal set of teeth that aren’t retractable and flexible. This makes them strong and gives them the ability to be used to scrape the surface of the garden bed to remove rocks and other debris.

A lawn and leaf rake is usually a flexible rake that can be retractable. It is used mainly for cleaning up leaves in the fall.

Sometimes called a shovel, this little dandy of an item makes a child’s gardening experience a little easier. It has a versatile use. It can be used in almost every phase of the garden from transplanting to weeding to harvest time.

A good pair of garden gloves are good for those tough to tackle jobs such as rose handling, thorn bush picking, and other jobs that could require covering up the hands in some sort of protection. Certain plants give off chemicals that could be irritating to the skin. These could include but aren’t limited to, the nightshade family (tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes), onions, and some herbs. Wearing garden gloves can help protect a child from these irritations.

While some home and garden stores may carry kid-sized gloves more likely they only have adult sizes. But luckily the women’s garden gloves are more likely to carry a smaller size and possibly neutral colors if necessary. Find gloves that fit snugly but do not constrict movement too much. You want the hand to be able to move freely and breathe correctly.

You can’t have a garden with plants, right? You can’t have plants without seeds. Sure, you can buy plants already to transplant. But starting with seeds can be more rewarding and cost-efficient. So buy a few seeds and start the garden today.

The right soil makes the difference between a mediocre garden harvest and a great harvest. There are many types of soil including germinating mixes to start seeds to topsoil. Choosing the right soil can be daunting. Just read the instructions on each type to see what is best for your garden.

While a garden journal isn’t an absolute necessity it can help the kid gardener in future gardening endeavors. A child can put down his or her thoughts on the garden, experiences, and even make the garden supply list in the journal. You can either make the garden journal or buy it. Regardless of where you obtain the garden journal, it’s a must for long-term kid gardeners.

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