As everyone would know if you were talking about Alaska, you are talking about climates composed mostly of chilly winters and days filled with solstice sunlight. Aside from wintry climates, though, you may not know it, but Alaska is also known as a breeding ground of the Forget-Me-Not.

The unforgettable Forget-Me-Not began life as a wildflower in the icy but not so barren grounds of Alaska. It is a flower with the color of sky blue for its petals. White are its interior rings and a yellow hue for its center. In 1949, the Forget-Me-Not began a remarkable launch into the flower kingdom. The Forget-Me-Not, from an Alaska wildflower, rose to fame as the state of Alaska’s State Flower.

If you are an admirer of the Forget-Me-Not, then you definitely have to know its history. Aside from this, you also have to know the best conditions when to plant. Furthermore, you must know that although it is considered as a wildflower of Alaska, you do not just plant it anywhere, any day.

There are some best ways and days of planting the Forget-Me-Not to ensure its profuse growth in wherever part of the garden you are envisioning planting them. Of course if you have a certain fetish in Forget-Me-Not blooms, you also have to learn to sow its seeds.

History of the Forget-Me-Not

There are over fifty species in the genus family of the plant, Forget-Me-Nots. Based on accounts handed down through generations, it was believed that the plant with the pretty blue flowers grow profusely and wildly along streambeds and riverbanks. They are often picked by Knights to give as an offering of love and admiration for their ladyloves.

Thus, this Alaska wild flower, worn by the lover became a symbol of faithfulness and love. Wearing the Forget-Me-Nots offered by the Knights is a sign that the lover’s love will endure and the Knight who gave it will never be forgotten.

Thus, despite its wild origins, it is essentially a flower with a romantic message in the tragic circumstances of the 15th-century knighting profession. Forget-Me-Nots are great accentuations to the tulips and daffodils during weddings.

Planting a Forget-Me-Not

The Forget-Me-Not, an Alaska wild flower greatly loved and flirted with by butterflies are statistically, 1 cm in diameter. It has a flattering bloom consisting of five petals and its seed is very amenable to grow in Zone 3 soil. They prefer being shaded partially, even fully, and can be planted commonly during spring once the frost has given their last spectacle.

Since Forget-Me-Nots are receptive to being shaded, they can be pretty additions to landscaping plans below trees or some lush bushes, as base. The seeds of this Alaska wildflower are sticky thus, it is required to plant them using fertile mix of compost abundant with moisture.

Their growth and appearance outcome would depend on the season when they are planted. Planting a Forget-Me-Not during the early spring produces a dome-shaped clump of plants, and you can anticipate their pretty blue blooms in the next spring.

If you observe them during the time of their wild growth in the riverbanks, you will easily see their preference in areas that are shaded. Thus, you will also take into consideration that planting them four to five inches apart would make them grow bountifully.

You can apply some general-purpose fertilizer coated with about 1/8 inch of soil that can be mulched during the wintertime. The Forget-Me-Not is a biennial, thus you will be delighted to see a pretty array of unforgettable flowers in wild profusion during the next spring after you have planted them!

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