If you have seen vast wildflower meadows- in photos, paintings and personally treading on floors of wildflowers- you would understand how enchanting and charming wildflowers are. It seems to remind you of tranquil and carefree things you have experienced in the past or dreamt of experiencing in the nearest future. You see the wildflower bloom and you feel the wind gently brushing the leaves and the petals of these lovely creatures. Well, if you like the mismatch bloom of wildflowers than you might want to consider growing your own field of wildflowers.

But of course, you can’t just scatter packets of wildflower seeds in your unarranged piece of land and expect things to work your way. You have to organize elements of a garden that would largely contribute to the development of your wildflower fields.

The first thing you would want to do is to buy individual packets of wildflower seeds. These really are not hard to find as there are lots of both online and local vendors that could help you in obtaining the species you find amusing. Choose wildflower seeds that are well adapted to your zone. While wildflowers can adapt to many types of living conditions, it would still be best to choose those species which are readily grown in your part of the country. There is obviously a huge variety of wildflower seeds so be sure with your choices.

Soil preparation is crucial to making your own wildflower field. This conditions the soil to become a better medium of growth. Without securing a good soil, you will find that insuring healthy wildflowers is rather difficult. On the other hand, having a good piece of land which is appropriate in growing wildflowers and other kinds of flowers, for that matter.

Soil preparation includes the removal of existing weeds and vegetation. Wildflowers do not like competition, especially from weeds. You also have to break up the soil so that it would easier for the roots of the wildflower to hold ground. Oxygen-rich materials would also help a lot in conditioning the soil for becoming a field of wildflower.

These steps are very important since healthy plants are usually products of less compacted, airy soils with sufficient space for water pores. “Sufficient” means that the soil will not dry out in just ten minutes but would be able to maintain water in a maximum period of thirty minutes.

Once conditioning is done, you can already begin with planting the seeds in good locations. Make it a point that the seeds of your choice suit the location of your field. Determine whether the wildflower seed would live in sunny or shady places, in certain temperatures, and the general condition of the land.

Also, you have to determine the seasons of the year and the climate when specific wildflower plants will best grow. For example, if your wildflower field is located in a dry place, your best choice is to plant during rainy seasons when there is an abundant natural source of water. In this case, you will no longer have to install a sprinkling system. In cold places, however, you can ensure the health of your wildflower field residents when you plant during early summer or spring. This way, you’ll be able to avoid frost.

If you can strategically use your knowledge in gardening, you are likely to find that your gardening job is much easier than you first thought it would be.

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