What Are Perennial Flowers?

What Are Perennial Flowers?

Have you come across Perennial Flowers? There’s a possibility that you have come across a few and have seen a lot of these bloom at certain seasons and climates, but you’re just not aware on what those flowers are. Well Perennial Flowers are plants that grow year after year.

Choosing what kind of perennial flower garden to do and what types of plants to fill it with can be a tasking activity but seeing the results afterwards can be a rewarding experience. Personal preference should also be considered when choosing which plants to use, since this will the basis for the look and feel of your garden. You wouldn’t want to just pick any plant type at random and just let these bloom on their own.

Perennial’s are so many in variety but you just can’t choose any without carefully checking on their attributes. You can decide on what types of perennial flowers to get by going through this list of conditions:

• Use only plants that will suit your preference when it comes to culture and development. Take note that there are hard and easy ones to culture.
• Also take note of the season for when these plants start to bloom.
• The key to making a perennial flower bed thrive and look harmonious is to also pick out a good variety of plants. Control yourself by not overdoing your garden with too many plants in it. If you do, it will just look messy.
• It’s also important to consider the height, shape, size, color, and perennial flower shade.
• There are plants suited for specific seasons and climates, so check your options first before buying and planting any.

Now to make your choices a little bit easier, you can also look into some of the Perennial flora that can make an ideal addition to your garden. Here are some of the most common ones used:

  • If you have a patio that has no trees or any tall objects planted on it, then you can consider getting some Full Sun Perennials (will require 6 to 8 hours of sunlight on a regular basis). These plants need a lot of sunshine so it’s best that they’re buried in a location where the sun isn’t being blocked.
  • Full Sun Perennials (a nice set of perennial flowers that bloom all summer) – Lavender, Salvia, Chrysanthemum, Aster, Bergamot, Carnation, Butterfly Weed, Blanket Flower
  • Now if you have trees in the yard, then you can get yourself some Perennials that are best grown in Full Shade or in Part Shade (away from getting hit by too much sunlight).
  • For Full Shade – Ferns, Pulmonaria, Hosta, Siberian Bugloss
  • For Part Shade – Cardinal Flower, Primrose, Bleeding Heart, Bluestar, Foxglove
  • If your garden is composed of a good balance of clay, mud deposits, and sand then you can grow Perennials for Average Soil.
  • Salvia, Meadow Sage, Agapanthus, Lily of Peru, Columbine, Peony, Poppy, Boltonia, Blazing Star
  • For soil that can sustain dry or less damp conditions you can plant Dry Soil or Moist soil Perennials.
  • Dry Soil Perennials – Amsonia, Wormwood, Butterfly Weed, Wild Indigo, Yarrow
  • Moist Soil – Goats Beard, Pigsqueak, Primrose, Sneezeweed

There are a lot more Perennial Flowers that you can choose from besides the ones mentioned in the list. But do remember that these plants also require being placed in a good location. Make sure that their needs are really met (like conditions when it comes to moisture, type of soil they’re placed in, to have some shade or none, and drainage).

You can also use fertilizer on these Perennials by supplementing them with worm castings. These are harvested from worms for composting. You can try your hand in producing your own batch of organic fertilizer by getting yourself some red wigglers and compost bins for sale at UncleJimsWormFarm.com.

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