Time to sow Delphinium seeds

Thanksgiving is a good time to sow Delphinium seeds. I say Delphinium because that is what they really are. Only one type interest me here in the South. Larkspur Consolidce is what I want yo talk about today. I say Thanksgiving because that is easy to remember when to sow them. The annual verity is not as pretty as the perennial verities. There are about 300 verities. You may have seen these beautiful flowers in arrangements at a funeral arrangement or in a fine hotel lobby arrangement. They are so beautiful. They are the most beautiful, but the do better in Northern conditions. Larkspur Conolidce is an annual and will do well her in the South. They need cool weather to get started. They are all shades of blue, purple, pink, and white. They need rich well drained soil.They do come up during the winter. They may be less than six inches tall by early Spring. When it starts getting warm, they take off growing. They may reach three to four feet tall by the time they start blooming. You may not have the seeds now because the stores are doing Christmas things now. When the seeds come in January, you can sow them then. They may not get as tall, but you can save the seeds for next Thanksgiving. There is a negative though. They are toxic to cattle and humans. They are not food. You do not eat them Once you grow them, I am sure that you will never be without them from now on.