Small Gardens – The City Garden

Small Gardens – The City Garden

Small but nice

Because gardening gets a lot of attention nowadays, a lot of people are busy with their garden. Also the city garden gets more and more attention. We are overloaded with ideas and materials and this makes it hard to choose.

Our gardens get smaller and smaller, think about the city garden, but the offer in materials gets bigger and bigger. Often you achieve more with less, but carefully chosen products than buying products without thinking. This applies for every kind of garden.

Characteristics City Garden

Many times a city garden is enclosed by walls and fences of surrounding houses. This privacy is the main characteristic of a city garden and creates a patio-like atmosphere. The atmosphere in such kind of gardens is different than in gardens outside the city. In the summer the heat will stay longer between the walls and in the winter it will be less cold because the walls will give off heat. The dimension of a city garden might vary a lot. Just like gardens in outside areas there will be small and big city gardens.


For a small garden it’s important to make a clear design. When you don’t do that the garden will always look a little ‘messy’. Clear lines in the paving will give the garden an extra dimension. It’s also important that the garden looks nice when viewed from above, this give an extra value to your garden.


In a small garden the choice of plants is very important. That’s why you should choose plants that will flower a longer time and which still have ornamental value after flowering. Green details are indispensable in a winter garden. Therefore it is wise to consult some special books before buying your plants. There are a lot of books with good explanations about the properties of certain kind of plants. You need some more time, but you will see that your garden will become more of yourself.


It’s also important to think about the work that has to be done in your garden. In a small garden container plants and flower pots might give you a lot of work. Not only the dimensions of your garden determines the maintenance your garden needs.


If you have a garden with ugly walls or fences it’s better to camouflage them. You can let ivy grow against them or paint the walls. By using pergolas and creepers you can use the space in your garden in an even better way. Vertical gardening gives lots of extra possibilities and a shady atmosphere. Against painted walls you might put a wooden frame in a nice color and shape, this will create a great effect. It’s also possible to put a rose bow against a wall and between the rose bow you could put a mirror. Because of the reflexion of the garden in the mirror your garden will suddenly look bigger. For this you can use an ordinary mirror, but take care that you cover the backside of the mirror with red lead first.


A gargoyle or bubble stone are also nice elements in a small city garden. The sound of splattering water will drown the noises of the city and it works refreshing. Another advantage of water in your garden is that it attracts birds and other animals.