Garden Styling Elements

Garden Styling Elements

There are plenty of garden styling ideas that we can do for our gardens. These are inspired by different cultures, countries and raises. Each continent has their own styles that is used and imitated by people from other countries.

Listed are some of the gardening style ideas that we can choose from to have in our gardens:

· Zen

This garden is inspired by the Japanese. It is mostly influenced by Zen Buddhism. These gardens are found in temples where the Buddhists perform their meditations. A lot of people from around the world have recreated this idea due to its calm and peaceful ambiance. The traditional Zen garden has three rocks with specific symbolizations and is placed in the middle of a sandy area with circling waves. Japanese say that the wavy sand symbolizes water. Though so, there is no water found in any Zen gardens.

· Dutch

These are mainly gardens with a rectangular shape. All of the plants, up to the plant boxes are all shaped in rectangles. We can be particular by the Dutch garden with its enclosing hedges or walls made of shaped bushes and plants. Most of gardens like these have large spaces.

· English

This came from the garden styles in England. These are mostly gardens that look grand and wide in space. Some even big enough to build a castle in it, or any English trademark buildings. It can also have draw bridges which are popular in every English garden. To be able to build this, we should have such a wide space for it and provide the greenest of plants, bushes and trees.

· Persian

This is another popular garden style that is actually inspired by the Indians. Traditional Persian gardens focus on the sunlight. It has an open sky area where we can entirely see the sky when we are in the garden without thick trees. Water is also another element, and there are underground tunnels and water tables to irrigate the garden. Because the Persians are from desert places, water supply for the plants is vital.

· Cottage

This is a kind of a playful and witty yet attractive gardening idea. Most Cottage gardens uses informal and dense planting that has a mixture of edible and ornamental plants. Unlike other gardens which focus on the grandeur and formal structure designs, the Cottage garden only depends on charm and grace. It is actually the most practical of all the gardens especially ones that are found in Europe.

· Landscape

This one is another kind of garden that required lots of planning and designing. Gardens like these needs to create a certain landscape that will make the area looking like an entire new world. Most landscape architects have such talent of transforming a bare land into an amazing landscape garden. Gardens like these are mostly seen on public gardens, and grand areas having a wide space for it.