Fall Garden

I started my spinach this week. I planted seeds. It is a little late for seeds, but they are in a micro climate area. By that I mean that there is a wall beside them and shrubs near them, so it is protected from wind and cold. It is warmer than most of my yard. It is a good time to sow some lettuces also. If you are a new gardener and have not prepared a bed, I have an idea for you. Take a hoe and clear a spot and buy a bag of really good potting mix. Make sure that the soil is at least 2 inches high. Sow your seeds and fertilize them with organic after they come  up. It may now be the best thing, but it is so much better than store bought. Most seasoned farmers pluck individual leaves and keep the plant going. I had rather plant thick and pull up what I  want. It is easier to prepare them over a sink than bent over picking them.