Bare Root Planting

Have you ever thought about bare root plants?Arbor Day tree planting season is celebrated in South Carolina on the first Friday of December. Planting trees,(large, fruit, rare, or hard to find) are a better bargain by ordering bare root plants. Bare root plants are trees, shrubs roses, vines, and herbaceous perennials that are sold by mail order without soil around their roots. They are devoid of leaves, because they are dug and shipped during the dormant season. High quality plants are harvested during Fall and Winter . The soil is washed off, then dipped in a clay-based slurry to coat and protect the roots from drying out. They are then packed in damp peat moss, wood chips or shredded paper, then placed in plastic bags. they are then boxed and shipped. It may be a shock at first to see sticks with roots. If you will treat them like you love them, it will not be long until you really do. Check your package as soon as you get them. make sure you moisten them immediately. It would be wise to plant them right away. if you have to wait, store them in a cool dark space until you can get to them. make sure you spread the roots out so that they do no girdle. Make sure that the trunk is level to the top of the ground. too deep and girdling is just a disaster in the making. Be sure to mulch. that helps with temperature and moister .