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Companion Planting With Perennials

Roses can look particularly effective when they’re grown in combination with other plants, especially with flowering perennials, or with grasses and other perennials grown for their foliage. All these plants will enhance the beauty of the roses (provided, of course, that the colors don’t clash). There’s another big advantage in combining two types of plant: […]

Perennials in the Garden

Perennials are plants that reach their maturity for at least two seasons. They can be planted as a single, solitary plants, grouped in a flower border or flowerbeds and also between shrubs. Many are also planted with annuals and biennial plants in mixed flower garden beds.Perennials are plants that live two years or more as […]

How to Get the Most Nutrition Out of Vegetables

There are many methods for obtaining a healthy body, and there are equally as many diets and experts who want to show you how to get there. One of the first things you should consider in a healthy diet is your intake of vegetables. No diet, no matter how much of a fad or how […]

Kids Eating Vegetables, How Does That Happen?

The age old task of getting kids to eat vegetables… how is it done. There have been many different ideas on how to hide vegetables in other things to ensure that your kids eat their veggies and there’s been many an article produced to help parents who are pulling their hair out over getting their […]

The Importance of Eating Fresh Vegetables

Nearly any reputable diet plan these days will include a lot of vegetables. It almost seems like they have become the new miracle food, but the fact is statistics support that. People who consume seven or more portions of vegetables and fruits day, a recent study has found to reduce their risk of dying from […]

Why We Love Fresh Vegetables

It is no doubt that many of us will always include fresh vegetables in most of the dishes that we take. Do we stop to ask ourselves why we do that? There are many nutrients that are carried by vegetables, and they help make our bodies healthier and protects them from diseases. The following are […]

Fruits and Vegetables – Nature’s Healers

Natural healers have long known about the power of fruits and vegetables. Did you know that green leafy vegetables have almost 20 times more essential nutrients, ounce for ounce than any other food? Fruit (eaten properly) and vegetables contain all the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids the human body requires. Fruit is, […]

How to Set Up a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

The raised bed vegetable garden system a great option for growing vegetables because, no matter where you live, you can use this system. The raised bed vegetable garden can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. As long as you use the principles associated with this type of garden bed then you can […]

Fresh Tomatoes and Organic Vegetable Gardening

How to build your own vegetable garden You will first need to stake out an area of garden to be converted to a vegetable patch. This area needs to be located a good distance from large trees and in a well drained and sunny position. As mentioned above, sleepers can be used to define the […]