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Growing Vegetables in Pots and Containers

If you don’t have much space in your garden but want to grow your own vegetables, don’t worry, many vegetables can be successfully grown in containers. Whether you have pots or window boxes, you can grow a range of vegetables from herbs to tomatoes. Containers of vegetables can be dotted around your garden, even placed […]

Vegetable Health Benefits

While mothers all over the world never shy from reminding their kids to eat vegetables, the missing link is in explaining the vegetable health benefits that make eating vegetables worthwhile. Let’s admit it, the taste of many vegetables does not make them great favorites among kids, especially when there are other choices around. However, wouldn’t […]

What Are Perennial Flowers?

Have you come across Perennial Flowers? There’s a possibility that you have come across a few and have seen a lot of these bloom at certain seasons and climates, but you’re just not aware on what those flowers are. Well Perennial Flowers are plants that grow year after year. Choosing what kind of perennial flower […]

Perennial Flowers – Tips For Growing Your Perennial Flower Garden

So, you are thinking about starting a new flower garden, but don’t know where to begin? Perennial flowers make an excellent choice for a beautiful flower display, but in order to create a garden with the most impact, there are many factors to consider before planting your perennial flower garden. Site Selection When selecting a […]

How to Plan Ahead For Your Perennial Garden

If you’re like most gardeners, once you discover how fun perennials can be you want to fill your whole yard up with them. Perennials are different from annuals in that they survive through the winter and come back every year in your garden. The only downside to perennials is that most don’t flower the first […]

Using Perennial Flowers

If you want to have a garden that is more low maintenance and has plants that last a long time then you definitely should consider getting perennial flowers. Perennial flowers last a lot longer than other kinds of flowers. The exact time that they last for depends on many different factors such as the quality […]

Peonies – A Perennial Garden Favorite

Peonies are my favorite flowering perennial; just one step above roses for cut flowers. They are very easy to grow and once established can tolerate long periods without rain. Additionally, unlike many other flower varieties they are quite disease resistant. Peonies were one of the first perennials to populate American gardens because of their large, […]

Garden Design – Planning An Herbaceous Perennial Flower Bed

There are a number of reasons why perennial bedding plants, as opposed to annual ones, are used in garden designs. Perennials by growing beyond a single season, are thought to demand less care and maintenance than annuals that have to be replaced every few months or so. In dry climate gardens especially, annual flowers consume […]

Always in Bloom – Flower Beds for Beginners

How to choose a place for flower beds Place the flower bed in front of a window or near the entrance to the house, where you can enjoy it all the time. If there is a construction next to your house, perhaps the best option for you, at least for the first year, till the […]

Planning an Herbaceous Perennial Flower Bed

The reason why many people are opting for perennials is because they require less care and maintenance compared to annuals. The first thing is that perennials last more than one season while annuals have to be replaced every few months. In a warm dry climate, annuals require a lot more water than perennials. This should […]