• From both novice and expert gardeners, knowing exactly which vegetables will thrive in any given location is extremely important. Average climate, ground conditions, yearly snow (not to mention, rain)

  • If you have never grown vegetables before you will soon discover that the work is labour intensive, but also very rewarding. Certainly when you start to learn about how to vegetable garden there is no

  • The key to a functional vegetable garden layout is a preparation, location, and, of course, vegetation. It is very easy to create a large yield of vegetables if your seeds and seed types are carefully

  • Vegetable gardens are traditionally grids with plants laid out in rows, whereas ornamental beds can be any shape, from strictly geometric to completely free-form. Increasingly, though, vegetable garde

  • Growing vegetables from your own garden is one of the best ways to provide your family with healthy and fresh produce. But starting a garden can be a time consuming and intimidating process, particula

  • Gardening is one of the most intimate tasks between a gardener and his garden. What the garden requires is an immense amount of attention and care. Soil is the most important aspect that needs prepara

  • Gardens are becoming increasingly popular among the people at large. Nowadays, everybody likes to have a garden in front of their house, which is also good from the perspective of the environment. Man

  • There are plenty of garden styling ideas that we can do for our gardens. These are inspired by different cultures, countries and raises. Each continent has their own styles that is used and imitated b

  • Garden Landscaping Green is a very tranquil color. It relaxes and refreshes. A garden, no matter how small, can lift up one’s spirit and well-being. Every home needs to have some form of connect

  • Have you tried buying a ton of things from the garden centre, convinced that they will radically improve your garden, only to discover that the new additions haven’t really helped at all? Unfort

  • Small but nice Because gardening gets a lot of attention nowadays, a lot of people are busy with their garden. Also the city garden gets more and more attention. We are overloaded with ideas and mater

  • Modern gardens have a very fresh, calm look around them which soothe us at the end of a busy day. Their borders are comparable to those used in ordinary gardens; the garden design is based on geometry

  • We’ve long known that there are pros and cons to living in a city. Urbanites get to enjoy the glamour and fast paced lifestyle that only a city can offer; while suburbanites and country folk get

  • Gardening has long been an enjoyable hobby as well as a way for millions of people around the world to cut expenses while furnishing their family with healthy foods that they have grown themselves. Ea

  • You may have been pondering how to plan a vegetable garden, if you want fresh vegetables this year. You do not have to restrict yourself to the customary straight orderly rows. There are other options

  • If you don’t have much space in your garden but want to grow your own vegetables, don’t worry, many vegetables can be successfully grown in containers. Whether you have pots or window boxe

  • While mothers all over the world never shy from reminding their kids to eat vegetables, the missing link is in explaining the vegetable health benefits that make eating vegetables worthwhile. Let̵

  • Have you come across Perennial Flowers? There’s a possibility that you have come across a few and have seen a lot of these bloom at certain seasons and climates, but you’re just not aware

  • So, you are thinking about starting a new flower garden, but don’t know where to begin? Perennial flowers make an excellent choice for a beautiful flower display, but in order to create a garden

  • If you’re like most gardeners, once you discover how fun perennials can be you want to fill your whole yard up with them. Perennials are different from annuals in that they survive through the w

  • If you want to have a garden that is more low maintenance and has plants that last a long time then you definitely should consider getting perennial flowers. Perennial flowers last a lot longer than o

  • Peonies are my favorite flowering perennial; just one step above roses for cut flowers. They are very easy to grow and once established can tolerate long periods without rain. Additionally, unlike man

  • There are a number of reasons why perennial bedding plants, as opposed to annual ones, are used in garden designs. Perennials by growing beyond a single season, are thought to demand less care and mai

  • How to choose a place for flower beds Place the flower bed in front of a window or near the entrance to the house, where you can enjoy it all the time. If there is a construction next to your house, p

  • Fill Up Your Garden Heart: Five Crops to Start this Valentine’s Day In northern lands, February is still very much winter: cold winds, below-freezing days (and weeks), and ice-entombed soil lyin

  • The reason why many people are opting for perennials is because they require less care and maintenance compared to annuals. The first thing is that perennials last more than one season while annuals h

  • Roses can look particularly effective when they’re grown in combination with other plants, especially with flowering perennials, or with grasses and other perennials grown for their foliage. All

  • Perennials are plants that reach their maturity for at least two seasons. They can be planted as a single, solitary plants, grouped in a flower border or flowerbeds and also between shrubs. Many are a

  • There are many methods for obtaining a healthy body, and there are equally as many diets and experts who want to show you how to get there. One of the first things you should consider in a healthy die

  • While the following recipe may seem surprisingly simple, it is the essence of classic backyard composting. Once you know the process, adding your personal touch will help you cook up the perfect compo

  • The age old task of getting kids to eat vegetables… how is it done. There have been many different ideas on how to hide vegetables in other things to ensure that your kids eat their veggies and

  • Nearly any reputable diet plan these days will include a lot of vegetables. It almost seems like they have become the new miracle food, but the fact is statistics support that. People who consume seve

  • It is no doubt that many of us will always include fresh vegetables in most of the dishes that we take. Do we stop to ask ourselves why we do that? There are many nutrients that are carried by vegetab

  • Natural healers have long known about the power of fruits and vegetables. Did you know that green leafy vegetables have almost 20 times more essential nutrients, ounce for ounce than any other food? F

  • The raised bed vegetable garden system a great option for growing vegetables because, no matter where you live, you can use this system. The raised bed vegetable garden can be as simple or as elaborat

  • If you have decided to start to grow your own vegetables at home, vegetable garden planning is a worthwhile investment of your time. Planning your veggie garden will enable you to save time, money, sp

  • How to build your own vegetable garden You will first need to stake out an area of garden to be converted to a vegetable patch. This area needs to be located a good distance from large trees and in a

  • Thanksgiving is a good time to sow Delphinium seeds. I say Delphinium because that is what they really are. Only one type interest me here in the South. Larkspur Consolidce is what I want yo talk abou

  • Have you ever thought about bare root plants?Arbor Day tree planting season is celebrated in South Carolina on the first Friday of December. Planting trees,(large, fruit, rare, or hard to find) are a

  • Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. It is especially pretty right now around here. We are in our peak. Some leaves are more beautiful than Spring flowers. As beautiful as they are, some cringe at

  • When I think Daffodils, I think Spring. There is nothing like seeing a field of yellow blooms. They are deer resistant, unlike many other bulbs. There are advantages and disadvantages to having these

  • You know that it is fall bulb planting time when it starts getting cold, especially after a frost. I get excited at this time because I know that what I do now will determine how beautiful my Spring w

  • It’s Tulip time. I mean planting Tulip time. I personal visualize the bed in full bloom as I plant. The Spring almost always surpass what I visualize. Have you ever wondered where they came from

  • It is going to be beautiful here very soon. The mountains of North Carolina is in there peak right now. The foothills will be next, then us here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. There are reasons th

  • It seems most flowers that bloom in Autumn are yellow, especially the Native ones. There is one blooming now ( yellow) that is the greatest. It is Swamp Sunflowers. They can get 8 feet tall. They spre

  • I started my spinach this week. I planted seeds. It is a little late for seeds, but they are in a micro climate area. By that I mean that there is a wall beside them and shrubs near them, so it is pro

  • Autumn is her upon us and it is a GREAT time to collect seeds. Most perennials are better divided, but  annuals are good for seeds. I ordered some new seeds this spring and I have collected enoug

  • I love flowers. I think that a spot of lovely flowers are a piece of heaven on earth.                                 &n

  • A lot of people, myself included, are growing our own vegetables to beat the credit crunch. And why not? Planting a few seeds in containers, in your backyard or in your garden will yield delicious, or

  • How to Establish Your Container Gardening Vegetable production is not only applicable in the countryside or in the gardens but can be grown now within the heart of the city or just in your home even w

  • You can grow your own Vegetables and Fruits in your garden for this you no need to own a big garden to cultivate your favourite vegetables and fruits. With the availability of small area were good sun

  • Best Vegetables to Grow During the Wet Season Tropical countries typically have the wet and dry seasons. From where I live, the wet season starts from late May and carries on until November (sometimes

  • Not everybody is lucky to have a yard at the back or a big garden. But it is heartening to know that with the help of container vegetable gardens, garden enthusiasts have the option of growing vegetab

  • Growing Vegetables In The Outer Hebrides This is the second year I have been working on getting vegetables growing on my croft here on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It’s a

  • Before you start your home garden activities, it’s a must to provide yourself with the needed tools and equipment in your nursery. These tools and equipment must be available all the time to mak

  • The Pros and Cons of Vertical Gardening for Beginners There are many different types of gardening one can take on as a challenge. Today, the most common types include raised garden beds, lasagna garde

  • Heather plants are hardy, colorful, low-growing perennial shrubs native to the heaths, moors, and woodlands or Europe and Asia Minor. Well suited to marginal pastures, heathers are low-maintenance pla

  • The charming and delicate beauty of flowers has fascinated people of all nations and backgrounds for centuries. Flowers have been bred and cultivated for their decorative beauty as well as their abili

  • The flowering peach tree is a very familiar tree for most people. This tree is recognized for its vase shape that can grow up to 25 feet in height and bears lots of fruits. People also love the pink f

  • Family: Malvaceae Genus: Hibiscus Species: rose-sinensis, cameronii, fuscus, and others Common names: rosemallow General Description: Hibiscus is a highly diverse genus with about 220 species of annua

  • Background Following the collapse of the prawn industry in the mid-80’s, an interesting industry slowly emerged in the early 90’s as dynamic and aggressive women entrepreneurs turned their

  • Having had a garden design business for many years, one of the most important things we adhered to was installing good healthy plants. Plants in poor growth, or even worse dead plants or trees are det

  • Having an ample supply of good rich compost is the gardeners’ dream. It has many uses, and all of those uses will result in nicer plants. However, composting can be time consuming and hard work.

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